A Govt of Maharashtra Undertaking

Punyashloka Ahilyadevi Maharashtra Mendhi Va Sheli Vikas Mahamandal

पुण्यश्लोक अहिल्यादेवी महाराष्ट्र मेंढी व शेळी विकास महामंडळ

Farm Information

Description Details
Name of Farm Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Sheep & Goat Development Farm
Farm Address Ambejogai, Dist: Beed
Phone Number 02446-247239
Email ID sgf.ambejogai@gmail.com
Name of Farm Manager Shri. Kalyan Lakhe
Mobile Number +91-8975364673
Total Land (hectare) 46.47
Irrigation Land (hectare) 4.57
Non – Irrigation Land (hectare) 9.59
Land Under Building, Roads, Percolation Tanks & Forestation (hectare) 14.30
Area under Grazing Pasture (hectare) 18.01

LiveStock Details Updated Till 31st March 2019

Breed Male Female Male Kids Female Kids Total
Osmanabadi Goat 55 190 19 27 291

Facilities Available

Facility Description
Supply of Bucks for Breeding Osmanabadi Goat breed is reared at this farm for breeding purpose. The farm produced superior quality bucks are reared up to attain reproductive age and then after the bucks are distributed to farmers for breeding of their ND livestock.
Sheep and Goat Farming Training Sheep & Goat Management Training Program is conducted at Sheep & Goat Development Farm in every month. Fees: Rs. 500/- per trainee. Duration: 3 days.
Purchase of Wool Raw wool is purchased from shepherds at remunerative price and utilizes this wool for manufacturing of woollen products.
Production & Supply of Fodder Seed and Stumps of Perennial Grasses. The Production and supply of fodder seeds and perennial fodder grasses by cultivating improved variety of fodder crops at the farm.
Extension Activity Technical and scientific information of sheep and goat farming is providing to new entrepreneur by actively participating in agriculture/ livestock exhibition/fair/expo/ camps etc.
Sheep and Goat Unit Distribution Under various Government schemes, the Sheep & Goat unit is distributed to the farmers.
Demonstration and production of Azola At this farm Azola Cultivation unit has been established for demonstration to the farmers.

Livestock at Sheep and Goat Farms

Sr. No. Name of Farm Breed
Goat Sheep
Goat Sheep Total
1 Ranjani Diat. Sangali Osmanabadi Madgyal 1374 635 2009
2 Mahud Dist. Solapur Osmanabadi Madgyal 936 745 1681
3 Dahiwadi, Dist- Satara Osmanabadi, Sirohi Lonand, Madgyal Nari Suvarna 751 301 1052
4 Padegaon, Dist- Aurangabad Osmanabadi, Sangamneri Sangamneri 743 451 1194
5 Bilakhed, Dist- Jalgaon - Sangamner 0 876 876
6 Ambejogai, Dist- Beed Osmanabadi - 417 0 417
7 Tirth, Dist- Osmanabad Osmanabadi - 750 0 750
8 Mukhed, Dis- Nanded - Deccani 0 377 377
9 Bondri, Dist- Nagpur Berari - 381 0 381
10 Pohara, Dist- Amravati Osmanabadi, Berari - 452 0 452
Total 5804 3385 9189